Sunday, March 27, 2011

STOP! Cherry Time

We know that everybody uses plates, but the same old plates aren't for everybody, so once again, enter PHAG. In 2009, we introduced our customers to the first of its kind, an inked dish collection featuring the exclusive irezumi artwork of famed Sunset Strip tattoo artist, Paul Timman. Sure, he's inked art for Drew Barrymore, Tommy Lee, Ben Affleck, Mark Wahlberg, and Angelina Jolie, to name a few, and now he's inked dishes, just for you!

Today we celebrate the arrival of Cherry Blossom season, and more importantly, the cloud of pink it presents for all to enjoy! If you haven't heard, you can bring the beauty of those blossoms from the outdoors- right to your table, with the Cherry Ink collection of dishware, from Paul Timman's collection, available at PHAG's on-line store. The Cherry Ink collection uses the sumi style of Japanese Tattooing, a delicate painterly style where soft edges replace black outlines. Each piece of porcelain in the collection is tattooed using an in-glaze process that is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

In all, you can now choose from four collections of tattooed dinnerware, including the latest addition to the line, Tattoo Lotus. Serving pieces are also available in both the Irezumi and Cherry Blossom Designs. Come on, isn't it time you proudly presented your cherry for all to enjoy? That's the latest dish.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


BIG NEWS in comedy land today! THE DONALD will be the target of tonight's Comedy Central celebrity roast at 10:30 PM eastern. Watch as PHAG favorite, Lisa Lampanelli, skewers him with the insults the way our candle carver skewers fruit!

Need more LL? Well, it just so happens you can get even more of her on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 10:00 PM with her BRAND NEW Comedy Central Special, "Tough Love!" This one-hour event features LL's unparalleled brand of insult comedy, plus tales from her life as a 49-year-old newlywed. During the special,the lovable Queen of Mean will treat viewers to her first ever, "Roast of Worthless Americans," where she will skewer everyone from Tiger Woods to Lindsay Lohan, and the Real Housewives of, you guessed it, New Jersey! Think there's a chance our Jersey Shore cast will make the cut?

Enjoy all this LL while taking one mean bath with the collectible LL Celebriduck. Get yours while supplies last!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Win in Your Kitschen!

Having been part of the pop-culture landscape for over 30 years now, Pac-Man is a pretty familiar character, in fact, he's an icon. But, even the most well known icons have their secrets!

Just this week, Toru Iwatani, creator of the game, revealed that while you play the game, it might seem as if the four ghosts are actively chasing you, but that's not exactly true. Instead, it's only Blinky, the red ghost, who doggedly pursues you throughout the game. Pinky, the pink ghost and PHAG's favorite (naturally), simply wants to position itself at a point that's 32 pixels in front of Pac-Man's mouth. The blue ghost, Inky, is seeking to position itself at a similar fixed spot, and Clyde, the orange ghost, moves completely at random. Who knew?

What we know is that our awesome Pac-Man pot holder is a definite score! When paired with our "cutting" edge Pac-Man cookie cutters, you'll be the winner in your kitschen- you retrosexual!

Friday, March 4, 2011

7 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Even Better!

1. Invest in some really great textile accents for the bed, like these bold accent pillows that are perfect for Sping! If you don't splurge on high-quality sheets, soft comforters, and sleek duvets, you can at least make it look like you do. When you do splurge, you can avoid having to redo your entire bedding ensemble in just a few short months. Spend the extra money and get the right fit, the right make, and the perfect style. High thread counts = happy sleepers! If you need an extra something to commit to the splurge, think of how amazing those ultra-soft sheets will feel on your skin. Also remember that many people say a softer pillowcase in particular can help stave off wrinkles! Something with some slip allows your face to relax and move instead of getting hung up on a rough polyester corner.

2. Make your headboard dynamic. Choose sumptuous Headboard Upholstery to lend drama and dimension to your bedroom. When the delightful is this affordable, it’s a sin not to invest in a textural change.

3. Be sure that your bedroom has at least one statement piece, like this Luggage Chest or Vintage Steel Nightstand. Such a small change can add so much interest and intrigue. Each of these terrific treasures combines fun and function flawlessly.

4. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint every few years (or months!) to ensure that your look always stays fresh. It’s simple, cheap, and brings the biggest, boldest impact of all. Even if you have white walls and freshen them with a brighter white, everything looks a little different and new!

5. Set the mood with your lighting. If you like it bright, be certain to keep window treatments airy. If you prefer something a bit more ambient, use lighting with dimmers or a sculpted piece, like our porcelain Gnome Accent Lamp.

6. Liven up the room with fresh flowers and plants. Adding living things to your space not only adds interesting smells and textures that can’t be duplicated with man-made things, but can also actually freshen your space. Many plants are treasured for their ability to clean the air, while others help keep bugs under control in the warmer months. And of course there is that lovely thing called Oxygen we all just can’t live without. Try our Bonsai Box tree for year-round enjoyment in any space!

7. Freshen your fabrics by hanging them on the line to warm in the sunshine. If you don’t have a clothesline, try making a homemade refresher using vodka or water mixed with a teaspoon of your favorite essential oil. Combine and mix in a spray bottle. Spray linens as needed, shaking lightly before each use. It’s simple…it’s cheap…and it smells nice. Who's going to argue with that?