Saturday, October 29, 2011

HallowQUEEN FEARceness!

Halloween weekend is upon us, and we know what a DRAG the costume selection process can be, but why should YOU be the only thing to get dressed up?

This year, dress up your wine with a FEARce devilish stiletto wine holder- you have to admit, it's devilishly good looking. We're quite certain Derek Zoolander would agree!

While you're at it, pick your poison by dressing up your home with these potion apothecary jars, too much? Well, how about one of these miniature potion bottle openers? Choose from: "Coffin Drops," Eye of Newt," and "Venomous Vapors." Each bottle features a magnetic back for easy attachment to the fridge or decorative display.

Like a little year-round Halloween flare in your home? You'll bloody love this true blood bath mat and coordinating liquid shower gel. To complete the look, you can finish the room with a weather-sealed canvas featuring your favorite custom-created 8 x 10 art canvas.

Now get to it HallowQUEENS- WURRKKK!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Come Out Come Out!

Show your support for LGBT History Month with a "Coming OUT" mug! When you add a hot beverage to this clever Out of the Closet mug, 14 great gay icons will magically emerge from behind the closet doors! Possibly the most "out"rageous and proud cup of coffee or tea, you'll ever consume.

Images featured when warm include: Willa Cather, Michelangelo, Walt Whitman, James Baldwin, Tchaikovsky, Freddy Mercury, Oscar Widle, Sappho, Alan Turing, Audre Lorde, Andy Warhol, Michel Foucault, Yukio Mishima, and Gertrude Stein.

While you're at it, pay a visit to to learn about the achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender Icons. Each day in October celebrates a different LGBT icon, 31 in all, so if this is news to you, get to the site and catch up via the icon video links. BTW, today's icon is a favorite. . .Ricky Martin! I'm reading his memoir "Me" now, and admire his courage and honesty in the struggles of being a gay man in the public eye.