Sunday, March 25, 2012

Step into Spring!

This year, step into spring with real style. Our collection of hand-painted single bottle wine holders give new meaning to boutique wine! This multi-colored, shoe-shaped wine holder is constructed of durable, molded resin, and features an array of sculpted springtime flowers.

If you're more into an open-toe look this time of year, check out this roses design! Or for a more subtle springtime touch, you may enjoy our floral shoe wine stopper.

No matter what your style, these clever wine accessories will put a spring in your step and add a touch of spring to your bar!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Decor That Takes You Back!

While this weekend has been all about moving time forward, we decided to feature a new product at PHAG that will actually take you back in time!

This pair of 45rpm bookends is the perfect way to brace your favorite novels or display your prized music or movies! Each bookend is created using two vintage 45rpm records (of assorted artists/genres) and an authentic spindle record turntable adapter. The inner core of each bookend is made from recycled wood, all mounted to a 3” steel tongue, fully backed in cork to protect furniture and provide stable support.

If this new product is music to your ears, you can also check out our recycled record wall mirror or recycled LP wall clock, all are made right here in the city of Brotherly Love!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Right Stuff for a Film Buff!

Just "reeling" from last week's 84th Academy Awards, we felt it apropos to roll out the red carpet to welcome our new vintage-inspired film reel accent furniture!

Our movie reel display shelf features a metal, tapered, tri-pod design with golden accents. Each shelf is shaped like a vintage movie reel, topped with tempered glass, all accented by a golden movie reel finial on top!

The coordinating movie reel console table features metal, tri-pod legs with golden accents, and the shadowboxed table top has a vintage-inspired filmstrip design covered by tempered glass.

Every night can be Oscar night in your family or TV room with these unique, inspired pieces that pay homage to the art of film, and on that note, congratulations to "The Artist."

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

In honor of red carpet season, here at PHAG blog, we've decided to roll out the red carpet for all of our favorite new products!

Starting with this post, we will begin doing a weekly Red Carpet Feature for a new arrival product that we're super-excited about. We hope you will be too, so feel free to share the news with anyone you think will appreciate our style.

First up, the Escargot Funnel. We should all know by now that, "Slow and steady wins the pouring race!" At least with our silicone snail funnel, it does. The heat-resistant silicone is appropriate for use with hot and cold liquids, and its accordion folding mechanism allows it to store flat until needed. Choose from cordon rouge (red) and cordon bleu (blue) colors.

It's fancy because it's French!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Get Jacked!

We're excited about this group of NEW arrivals, the GET JACKED furniture collection! Included in the collection are options for a chair, ottoman, loveseat, and sofa.
Your home is fit for a KING, right? Well, for some of you, it's more likely fit for a QUEEN, but that's another story. . .
Either way, incorporating furnishing and decor elements inspired by the bold, graphic "His Majesty's Jack," or "Union Jack" flag, as it's more commonly known, into your living space will surely send the message!
In addition to these bold furnishings, you'll also find a hand tufted area rug and decorative pillow inspired by this classic image.
You are hereby ordered to shop like a royal!

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Will be Liberating!

While individual taste as an expression of self is a fundamental part of what defines PHAG, I’m happy to report that this year it's HOT enough to be considered an actual industry trend. My prediction: 2012 will be the year of Design Liberation!

This new-found liberation will result in the freedom to explore unique color schemes, exotic materials, and the ability to fearlessly blend traditional luxurious styles with simple, contemporary lines. We should expect to see a great deal more emphasis on individuality, sparking very personal and interesting design ideas.

Some specific predictions encompassed by this trend include:
1. A welcome return to bright, vivid, and cheerful colors 2. Rustic comfort mixed with high-gloss, polished finishes 3. The blending of attractive, comfortable furnishings with elegant, stylish pieces 4. Mix-n-match accessories that range from natural stones and woods to shiny metals and even plastics 5. Layered fabrics and upholsteries with high levels of color and texture contrasts

If we’re lucky, many elements of this industry-approved freedom to express ourselves will be a mainstay in design for years to come!

We will see a continuance of some of last year’s trends, as well. With no end to the tough economic climate in sight, we can expect this new-found liberation to result in a continued excitement among people choosing to stay put where they are. In the end, many homeowners will choose to take advantage of these factors by electing to update their older homes with a touch of chic, contemporary style- seeing the old space through a new lens, if you will; their own unique lens!

A focus on blending materials also means looking to sustainable materials for much of the warm, rustic comfort in our homes, making eco-style a continued trend in the new year. Likewise, our freedom to create will result in many unexpected applications for use of space, so hybrid spaces will not only be more efficient in the new year, but also more inventive.

With comfort and style as a basis, 2012 design trends will celebrate individuality and allow your own your personality to take care of the decorating details.