Sunday, February 19, 2012

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

In honor of red carpet season, here at PHAG blog, we've decided to roll out the red carpet for all of our favorite new products!

Starting with this post, we will begin doing a weekly Red Carpet Feature for a new arrival product that we're super-excited about. We hope you will be too, so feel free to share the news with anyone you think will appreciate our style.

First up, the Escargot Funnel. We should all know by now that, "Slow and steady wins the pouring race!" At least with our silicone snail funnel, it does. The heat-resistant silicone is appropriate for use with hot and cold liquids, and its accordion folding mechanism allows it to store flat until needed. Choose from cordon rouge (red) and cordon bleu (blue) colors.

It's fancy because it's French!