Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How do Your Comics Grow?

April is National Lawn & Garden month, and we're here to do our part in spreading the word!  Yes, you read our post title correctly, it's a comic geek's dream- a comic book that grows (and multiplies)!

Research cited by the National Gardening Association confirms that nurturing plants is universally good.  In doing so, attitudes toward health and nutrition are improved, community spirit grows, and kids even perform better at school!  Products like this colorful comic jacket of "The Gardener," support just that.  This easy-to-use kit contains two sheets of hand-made, recycled, plantable seed paper filled with mixed herbs.  To plant, you simply lay a single sheet on the soil, lightly cover with a topcoat, and water.

When it's this easy, what's the excuse not to join the celebration?  Come on, plant a comic this month, and help raise the spirit in your community!

See more items like this HERE.

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