Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gnomes & Fairies in Gardens- Oh my!

Like gnomes, fairies are among the magical wee folk that have long been fixtures in fables, myths, and ancient folklore.  Fairies bring luck, prosperity, and health to those whose gardens they inhabit, and, in fact, there are quite a few fluttering around the headquarters at PHAG on a daily basis.  So, when it comes to Fairy Gardening, we're the experts!

While you can literally convert any container into a fairy garden, the fairy gardening starter kit is a great place for the amateur fairy enthusiast to begin!  It includes everything you will need to create a garden for those playful, jovial creatures to frolic about when you're not looking.  More advanced fairy enthusiasts can shop for a range of miniature decor sets and accessories in PHAGs garden shop!

No interest in fairy gardening?  That never stopped a fairy from spreading a little dust!  Fairy dust is a sparkling, powdery substance that comes from magic crystals. According to the Elder Council of Fairies, close friends of PHAG, it is to be used by humans to add magical life to any space in a time of need (e.g. a hot night out at STIR lounge or an Atlantis cruise)!  Oh, and don't forget to make a special wish with each sparkling pinch!  Now, let your imagination run free, Fairy!

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