Thursday, June 5, 2014

This C.O. is Our New Stud!

June is PRIDE month, and this time each year, we take note of the people, places, products, and practices that have instilled a sense of pride in the greater community! 

This year, we need look no further than Orange is the New Black #OITNB.  Yes, that’s right, the much talked about Netflix original series set in a women’s prison that walks a fine line between dark comedy and drama, is among our favorites.  Season two (13 episodes) of this explosive series is set to be released on Friday, June 6th (tomorrow), and we can’t wait!

So why is this show among our top picks this year?  Is it the edgy lesbian storyline between Piper and Alex (or Nicky and nearly every other inmate)?  Or, is it the raw and impassioned story of transgender inmate Sophia?  While both offer amazing reasons to watch, the real reason we tune in is to spend some time (if only a fleeting moment) with C.O. John Bennett (played by competitive bodybuilder turned actor, Matt McGorry).

So naturally, we did a little web stalking of our favorite Netflix crush, and here’s a bit of what we found:

A graduate of NYC’s famous LaGuardia performing arts high school, and Emerson College, this breakout star is a native New Yorker who, at last check, still didn’t know how to drive.  At the age of 10(ish), Matt was the youngest member of the New York International Brotherhood of Magicians, and he was a prize winner in his 8th grade science fair!  Before his big break he was not only a competitive bodybuilder, but also a trainer to the stars.  McGorry is no stranger to the LGBT community, either.  He grew up on 22nd Street in Chelsea and has proudly remarked that he was basically, “raised by a pack of gays.”  Since the first season was released, Officer Bennett (and McGorry, by default) has become a bona-fide heartthrob to boys and girls alike- he’s even got an ever growing Buzzfeed tribute to prove it!

At PHAG, we love this Litchfield C.O. so much we’re proud to introduce you to our NEW studded ottoman- “TheBennett.”  Of course it’s no accident that we have to nail this thing like mad to achieve this stunning, studly finished product.  Enjoy!

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